A Comprehensive Guide to Understand Cosmetic Label

Definition: Products applied to any part of the human body (skin, hair, nails, lips), teeth, and oral mucosa by means such as smearing, spraying, or similar methods, aimed at cleaning, scenting, altering appearance, correcting body odour, and maintaining or promoting good condition.

Definition: Texts, numbers, symbols, patterns printed or attached to the cosmetic sales packaging, including explanatory materials inside the sales packaging.White airless cosmetic bottles2

Sales Packaging
Definition: The packaging delivered to the consumer for the purpose of sale, along with its contents.

Definition: The product contained within the packaging container.

Display Panels
Definition: The parts of a cosmetic product that are visible to consumers when displayed in their natural state.

Visible Panels
Definition: Any part of a cosmetic product that can be seen by consumers without damaging the sales packaging.

Net Content
Definition: The actual mass, volume, or length of the contents, excluding the packaging container and other packaging materials.

Shelf Life
Definition: The period during which a cosmetic product maintains its quality under the conditions specified in product standards and labelling. Within this period, the product is fully suitable for sale and meets the quality specified in the product standards and labelling.

Expiration Date
Definition: The optimal use date for a cosmetic product under the conditions specified in product standards and labelling. Within this period, the product is fully suitable for sale and meets the quality specified in the standards and on the label. Beyond this period, the quality of the cosmetic may change, and the product is no longer suitable for sale.

Primary Packaging Product
Definition: A cosmetic product in its first packaging.

Ingredients List
Definition: A list of all ingredients in a cosmetic product, usually arranged in descending order of their proportions.

Batch Number/Lot Number
Definition: A specific set of numbers or letters used to track a product’s production batch for quick identification and resolution in case of issues.

Production Date
Definition: The date on which the cosmetic product was manufactured or packaged.

Product Code
Definition: A unique set of numbers or letters that identify a product, facilitating inventory management and sales tracking.

Warning Label
Definition: Information about the risks or side effects associated with using the product and guidance on how to use it safely.

Directions for Use
Definition: Instructions guiding consumers on how to use the product correctly for optimal results.

Storage Conditions
Definition: Indicates the best storage temperature and humidity for a cosmetic product, and conditions to avoid (such as direct sunlight, high temperatures, etc.).

Certification Marks
Definition: Marks indicating that the product meets certain standards or has passed certain certifications, such as organic, cruelty-free, etc.

Recycling Information
Definition: Information on the recyclability of packaging materials, guiding consumers on how to correctly recycle the product packaging.

Manufacturer/Distributor Information
Definition: Includes the name, address, and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor, providing a contact point for consumers.