Why use pressure sensitive seal for glass plastic bottle jar


In daily life, when we unscrew some bottle caps, we will see a seal full of letters, which is the pressure-sensitive seal.

Pressure-sensitive seal,is composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive and ps foam sealing liner. It is a single-piece type, without aluminum foil, and provides a sealing function by the pressure of the bottle cap lock at room temperature.

It is suitable for glass bottles, metal jars, aluminum tins, plastic bottles for sealing and storing food, cosmetics, agriculture, medicine.

The back of the seal can be printed with trademarks, patterns, etc. as specified by the customer. The pressure-sensitive seal is a single-piece pressure-sensitive adhesive seal, which is non-toxic, odorless, strong in sealing and good in chemical properties.

It is usually suitable for sealed packaging of solid, colloid, dry powder, granule and other products.

It does not need to use any equipment to seal, and has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use and good sealing performance.

How to use:

1. Put the pressure-sensitive gasket on the bottom of the bottle cap (the printed side faces the bottom of the bottle cap, and the blank side faces the bottle mouth);
2. Tighten the bottle cap (2 hours) above); 3. Unscrew the bottle cap, the pressure-sensitive gasket and the bottle mouth form a strong sealing effect. We can customize pressure sensitive gaskets according to customer’s size and printing requirements. Welcome customers to consult.


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