YD-J-012-White empty PP plastic cosmetic cream jar with silver ring 200g

ProductCosmetic Jar, PP Jar, Cream Jar, Plastic Jar
PurposeCosmetics, Skin Care, Body Care
ColorCustom, frosted, colored
MaterialCertified PP Plastic


  • Description

Why use wide mouth jar?

1.The product is in the form of a cream with a high consistency, which is suitable for jars with wide mouth and convenient and quick filling, but not suitable for bottles with narrow mouth.
2.Material: The material of the cream jar is generally divided into PET, PP, PE, Acrylic, ABS
1)Plastic Jar in PET Material: highly transparent jar body, which can meet some brands that need to display the color of the interior cream. You surely can color the jar too.
2)Plastic jars made of PP and PE materials: the material itself is opaque, and all brands are mainly white and colored. You can find such kind of jar will be widely used for shampoo, conditioner, face mask, body mask and other personal care products. Unit price is not high.
3)Plastic Jar in acrylic / PMMA material: The material is highly transparent and looks more high-end, suitable for high-end thick lotion or cream products such as eye cream, night cream, and face cream for up markets.

All plastic jars are wide-mouth orifice design, which are easy for brands manufacturers to fill, and consumers can customize the amount of products when they use according to their own habits.

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Can the jar be printed?
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