Polyester resins hot melt 53mm aluminum foil seal liner with paper for metal glass plastic

Application Scope:

Lubricants, edible oils, pharmaceutical gels, creams, powders, liquids, food, beverages, juices, butter, honey, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, cosmetics.

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The polyester resins/hot melt adhesive sealing film on the aluminum foil gasket corresponds to a variety of bottle materials. It can be said to be a universal sealing film, which can seal LDPE, HDPE, PP, PE and PET plastic bottles, as well as glass, ceramic and metal containers.

Structure: is composed of induction sealing layer, aluminum foil, adhesive layer, paperboard. After induction sealing, the paperboard and aluminum foil will be seperated.

Thickness: 0.6mm

Width: 26cm

Logo: Can print the trademarks, logos

Features: Good sealing, fresh preservation, anti-leakage, anti-theft and anti-pollution, extended shelf life, environmental friendly.

Induction aluminum foil seal liner

How to seal aluminum foil lid seal by electromagnetic induction machine?
1) Put the aluminum foil to the bottle cap.
2) Cover the bottle with aluminum foil, and finally use the electromagnetic sealing machine to automatically separate the sealing paper.

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