Aluminum foil seal film bottle jar sealing foil

Application Scope:

Food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, motor oil, detergents, hair care products, wine sealing gaskets and other industries, with anti-leakage, preservation, anti-deterioration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, moisture-proof and other functions.

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Aluminum foil seal film

Aluminum foil seal film is a gasket for sealing  products like cream, lotion, wine, butter, oil, food, coffee.

Structure: is composed of heat sealing layer, aluminum foil, weak adhesive layer, cardboard elastomer, etc.

Thickness: 0.016-0.5mm

Width: 199-1700mm

Types of sealing liner gaskets
1) Pressure sensitive foam seal liner
2) Aluminum foil seal(100% aluminum foil seal and laminated aluminum plastic foil seal)

How to seal pressure sensitive seal liner?
1) Prepare containers and seal liner to ensure that the bottle mouth is free of contaminants such as oil and water, and keep the bottle mouth clean.
2) Put the gasket into the lid with the white side facing out.
3) Screw the cap with the gasket into the bottle and tighten the cap.

How to seal aluminum foil lid seal?
1) Put the aluminum foil to the bottle cap.
2) Cover the bottle with aluminum foil, and finally use the electromagnetic sealing machine to automatically separate the sealing paper.

Application Scope: