2cm aluminum foil seal stickers foil pre cut disk for soft tube

Non-toxic and tasteless, good sealing, high barrier, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, high temperature resistance, isolating gas intrusion, keeping fresh, preventing pollution, and can also play an anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft role.

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Structure: is composed of aluminum foil,self- adhesive layer.

Thickness: 0.05mm

Size: 0.9cm, 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2.ocm, 2.1cm, 2.5cm, 2.8cm, 3.ocm, 3.2cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm,7cm

Seal to soft tube/toothpaste tube/plastic jar

Features: Good sealing, fresh preservation, anti-leakage, anti-theft and anti-pollution, extended shelf life, environmental friendly.

How we pack?

Induction aluminum foil seal liner

How to operate?
1) Prepare containers and seal liner to ensure that the bottle mouth is free of contaminants such as oil and water, and keep the bottle mouth clean.
2) Put the seal liner on the soft tube mouth
3) Screw the cap.
4)All done.

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