Characteristics of PET plastic bottles

Characteristics of PET plastic bottles

The maximum operating temperature cannot exceed 65℃, and the gloss is good
Non-toxic, tasteless, and feel like wax. With good hygiene and safety, it can be directly used for food packaging.

Advantages of PET plastic bottles:

PET plastic bottles are light in weight, convenient for long-distance transportation of products, and can save transportation costs for skin care companies;
PET plastic bottled cosmetics are more portable than glass bottles, and are more suitable for young people’s mentality of seeking new […]

What are the different uses of each type of plastic bottle caps?

What are the different uses of each type of plastic bottle caps?
1. Uses (general manufacturing materials in parentheses): aseptic cold filling bottle caps (PE), hot filling bottle caps (PE), normal temperature without internal pressure (water) bottle caps (PE) and steam caps (PP)
2 The structure is divided into inner plug type and gasket type, and the sealing gasket is a bottle cap with plastic dripping.
3 The processing technology is divided into injection molding and compression molding.
4 HDPE and PP are divided […]

Features of leak-proof plastic caps

Features of leak-proof plastic caps

Generally, there is a ring-shaped leak-proof ring on the inner wall of the top of the general leak-proof plastic caps; there are also ordinary plastic bucket covers that need to be matched with the inner cover, so there is no need to design the leak-proof ring;
The lower end of the plastic cover is connected with an anti-theft ring through a tension stiffener;
At the same time, there are several flaky gyrating pull wings evenly distributed on […]

The relevance of color matching in cosmetic packaging

The relevance of color matching in cosmetic packaging
Mental research study has revealed that in the initial 20 seconds of observing an item, the human visual senses, the color sensation made up 80%, the body sensation represented 20%; two minutes later on, the shade represented 60%, the body accounted for 40%;
after 5 mins, each accounted for half. As well as will continue to be maintained. It can be seen that the perception of color is rapid, deep and enduring. […]

Where to buy kraft paper tube

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