How to apply pressure sensitive seals for jars

The pressure-sensitive seal liner is a sealing gasket based on PS foam, which is composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive and PS foam sealing gasket.

The pressure-sensitive gasket is one piece, without aluminum foil, and is sealed by the pressure of the bottle cap to lock the bottle at room temperature. It has the advantages of simple process, low price, convenient use, good sealing performance, non-toxic and odorless characteristics, and is widely used in the sealing packaging of medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics and some chemical products.

Pressure-sensitive gasket thickness: 1.0mm

Pressure-sensitive gasket roll width: 330mm, 350mm

Structure: printing layer, PS foam, sealing adhesive layer

Usage: It is suitable for non-liquid, cream, powder, paste, solid food and medicine packaging. It can be used in glass bottles or plastic bottles, and can print patterns, texts and other information content.



Operation method:

  1. Keep the bottle mouth clean and free of water, oil and other impurities.
  2. Put the pressure-sensitive gasket on the bottom of the bottle cap (the top of the bottle is facing the bottle cap, and the blank side is facing the glass bottle) 
  3. Tighten the bottle capand wait for 120mins.
  4. Twist off the cap, pressure sensitive gasket and glass bottle to create a strong seal.

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