Why can aluminum foil be heat sealed?

A very critical factor is the heat sealability of the sealing layer.

aluminium foil seal linerAluminum foil sealing film is a composite material with sealing performance, anti-counterfeiting effect, preventing volatilization and pollution of product contents, and odorless precipitation.

The main reason why aluminum foil gaskets can be fused and sealed with glass bottles and plastic cans is that the sealing layer of aluminum foil gaskets must be heat-sealable. The heat sealability of plastics refers to the thermal bonding properties of plastics with themselves/other types of plastics after being heated to a molten state.

Our common plastic films with heat-sealable sealing layers are PE/CPP/PET/polyester resins (that is, hot melt adhesives in our industry).

The PE sealing film on the aluminum foil gasket is made to seal LDPE and HDPE plastic containers, which are mainly used for heat sealing and induction sealing of these two plastic containers, such as our common shampoo bottles, pesticide bottles, medicine bottles, and other PE plastic packaging containers.

The CPP sealing film on the aluminum foil gasket corresponds to the sealed bottle material is PP plastic, such as PP cream jars, the plastic material used in many opaque cream jars is pp plastic.

aluminium foil seal linerThe PET sealing film on the aluminum foil gasket corresponds to the sealed bottle material is PET plastic. PET plastic bottles are widely used in various industries, such as beverage bottles, beverage cups, disposable cups in the food industry, bath bottles in the cosmetic industry, and pharmaceutical health care bottle.

The hot melt adhesive sealing film on the aluminum foil gasket corresponds to a variety of bottle materials. It can be said to be a universal sealing film, which can seal LDPE, HDPE, PP, PE and PET plastic bottles, as well as glass, ceramic and metal containers.

The aluminum foil sealing lid liner we produce has strong sealing barrier, easy to tear without leaving glue, can be printed in 8 colors, green environmental protection, high safety, strict testing, stable quality and favorable price, and is widely used in food, agricultural and sideline products packaging, cosmetics and daily necessities packaging, pharmaceutical and health care products packaging and engine oil chemical products.

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