Factors affect the sealing of aluminum foil seal liner

In our practical l operation, we found there are many problems many occer when sealing the bottles. We now make a list of the common factors that results in fail of sealing.

    1. The indentation between the bottle mouth and the aluminum foil seal liner is incomplete, resulting in leakage after sealing.
    2. The bottle mouth is not flat, resulting in incomplete sealing.
    3. The top surface of the cap is skewed due to the skewed mouth of the bottle. After sealing, one side is burnt, and the other side is not heat-sealed.
    4. The electromagnetic induction surface of the sealing machine is inclined and uneven, which causes one side to be scorched after sealing, and the other side is not heat-sealed.
    5. The power setting of the sealing machine is too large, which destroys the sealing film and forms a false sealing phenomenon, after logistics transportation, leakage is found.
    6. There are liquid and oil traces on the bottle mouth, which will affect the sealing effect of the aluminum foillid seal.
    7. The quality of the aluminum foil seal liner waditself, warping, notch, delamination and other problems.

motor oil aluminium foil seal

Reminder: It is not recommended to use golden yellow PET aluminum foil, because the golden yellow aluminum foil produced in China only has a layer of yellow dye between the heat sealing film and the aluminum layer, which will also cause the delamination of the aluminum foil.

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