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What factors should cosmetic brands consider when choosing cosmetic packaging?

1. Design according to the product

The design should be combined with the product's style positioning, audience and other content. Generally speaking, if it is aimed at people under the age of 25, the design requirements should be bright and younger. If it is more high-end, it should be simple and elegant.

2. Design according to the core value of the product

The color, design, material and other content selected for product design should be determined according to the core value of the product, which can well highlight the core value of the product and attract more audiences to buy.

3. Design according to the added value of the product

In order to attract people to buy, many cosmetic brands will add a lot of added value to their products. For example, there are now many co-branded models that give the products added value and attract many audiences to buy.

4. Pay attention to the harmonious combination of various elements

Including brand fonts, elements, etc., through reasonable design to attract people's attention, and then let them understand the brand and increase the probability of purchase.