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What are the different uses of each type of plastic bottle caps?

1. Uses (general manufacturing materials in parentheses): aseptic cold filling bottle caps (PE), hot filling bottle caps (PE), normal temperature without internal pressure (water) bottle caps (PE) and steam caps (PP)

2 The structure is divided into inner plug type and gasket type, and the sealing gasket is a bottle cap with plastic dripping.

3 The processing technology is divided into injection molding and compression molding.

4 HDPE and PP are divided into materials.

5 The connecting bridge is divided into injection molding and trimming.

6 is divided into 28mm, 30mmh, 38mm, 44mm, 48mm, etc. from the size.

7 It is divided into non-steam caps, carbonated beverage caps, sterile caps, and heat-resistant caps from the purpose of use.

8 is divided into multiples of 12 or 9 from the tooth line.

9 From the anti-theft ring lock, there are 8, 12 points, etc.