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The importance of color matching in cosmetic packaging

Psychological research has shown that in the first 20 seconds of observing an object, the human visual senses, the color sensation accounted for 80%, the body sensation accounted for 20%; two minutes later, the color accounted for 60%, the body accounted for 40%; after 5 minutes, each accounted for half. And will continue to be maintained. It can be seen that the impression of color is rapid, deep and lasting. The color attracts the eye's attention very well. The special sensitivity of human vision to color determines the important position of color design in packaging design. 

Different colors are blended together, or give a subtle, or rich, or elegant, or pleasant, or comfortable feeling, such as the harmony of the same colors, light green, bright green, dark green or light red, red, deep red of cooperation. Approximate tones, such as orange, vermilion, and yellow all contain yellow components, which are easy to coordinate together. 

Good color design has a strong visual impact. It can not only capture people's sight, but also affect psychological factors such as people's perception and emotion, and indirectly affect people's judgments on cosmetic products, and then decide whether to buy this cosmetic product.