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Characteristics of PET plastic bottles

Characteristics of PET plastic bottles:

      1. The maximum operating temperature cannot exceed 65, and the gloss is good

      2. Non-toxic, tasteless, and feel like wax. With good hygiene and safety, it can be directly used for food packaging.

Advantages of PET plastic bottles:

      1. PET plastic bottles are light in weight, convenient for long-distance transportation of products, and can save transportation costs for skin care companies;

      2. PET plastic bottled cosmetics are more portable than glass bottles, and are more suitable for young people's mentality of seeking new things.

      3. The PET plastic bottle has greater flexibility in the choice of bottle type and capacity, and can produce products with different bottle sizes and different capacities, thus enriching the product variety.

      4. The safety of PET plastic bottles is better than that of glass bottles.