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Benefits of plastic bottle caps

There are many benefits of plastic bottle caps, but some people are worried about whether it is safe. What kind of material are plastic bottle caps made of? Of course, different liquids require plastic caps of different materials. In general, the plastic bottle caps produced by Yijiada plastic cap manufacturers are made of PP and PE materials. PP material: It is mostly used for gas beverage bottle cap gaskets and caps. It is heat-resistant and does not deform, has high surface strength and good chemical stability. The disadvantage is poor toughness and easy embrittlement under low temperature conditions. Due to poor oxidation resistance, Wearable. The bottle caps of this material from Yijiada Plastics Manufacturers are mostly used in the packaging of fruit wine and carbonated beverage bottle caps.

PE material: It is mostly used for hot-filling bottle caps and aseptic cold-filling bottle caps. This material is non-toxic, has good toughness and impact resistance, is also easy to form film, is resistant to high and low temperatures, and has better environmental stress cracking performance Good, the disadvantage is that the molding shrinkage is large and the deformation is severe. Many vegetable oils on the market, and sesame oil in glass bottles are mostly made of this material. Both of these materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the processing and molding processes of Yijiada plastic manufacturers are relatively safe.