How To Choose The Right Pressure Sensitive Seal Liner

How To Choose The Right Pressure Sensitive Seal Liner
Selecting the proper pressure sensitive seal liner is crucial for ensuring the sealing function and preservation against leaks in any packaging container. With a variety of types and features available on the market, understanding the differences is key to making a wise decision. The main PE Foam pressure sensitive liners include standard seal liners, film-coated seal liners, and pure aluminum seal liners. This guide will lead you through the key factors […]

The Role of PET Material in Cosmetic Packaging

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a prominent material in the world of cosmetic packaging, renowned for its clarity, strength, and chemical stability.
1. Characteristics:
Transparency: PET offers excellent clarity, making it a preferred choice for showcasing the color and texture of cosmetics.
Stability: The chemical stability of PET ensures it does not react with the ingredients within the cosmetic products, preserving their quality.
Oxidation Resistance: PET acts as an effective barrier against oxygen and contaminants, maintaining the freshness and efficacy of the cosmetics housed […]

What Factors Affect Print Quality: Insights from the Printing Factory

Press machine operation and printing environment: Ensuring the press machine is in good working condition, including proper mechanical functioning, accurate color calibration, and appropriate temperature control. Additionally, maintaining a favorable printing environment with controlled temperature, humidity, and dust is crucial for print quality.
Selection and control of fountain solution: The choice of fountain solution should consider its pH value and concentration. Adjusting the concentration of the fountain solution based on specific printing requirements can influence print quality. Controlling the fountain […]

Pure Black vs Rich Black

Pure Black vs Rich Black
In printing, unexpected details can often arise, such as when designing a file in CDR where the intended color is black, but the printed color appears less black. In the following explanation, I will discuss the differences between Pure Black and Rich Black, as well as how to achieve pure black during the printing process by setting CMYK values.
What is Pure Black?
To understand what Pure Black is, we must first explain CMYK. In modern printing machines, four […]

The Era of Green Printing: The Most Popular Inks

The Era of Green Printing: The Most Popular Inks
“Environmentally friendly inks and green printing” have become the theme of the development of ink printing industry in the 21st century. Therefore, researching, developing, and using environmentally friendly inks is a great cause for the benefit of mankind, a passport to enter the international market, and the direction of future development.

Offset Inks
Among various printing methods, offset printing inks account for nearly 50% of the total in China and still dominate the […]

Why color disparity exists in different batches of paper printing packaging

Why color disparity exists in different batches of paper printing packaging
In the printing of packaging boxes, we often find that there is a certain color difference between boxes printed in different batches. What are the factors that contribute to these color differences?

Under the same design file, the following factors can cause color differences in different batches of printing:
Paper: Even when using the same brand and model of paper material, there may still be color differences. This is because paper manufacturers […]

What is kraft paper tube?

What is kraft paper tube?
Kraft paper tubes are a type of cylindrical packaging made from kraft paper, which is a sturdy and eco-friendly material. These tubes are commonly used for packaging various products, such as cosmetics, candles, and food items, and are often chosen for their rustic and eco-friendly appearance.
Kraft paper tubes are made by winding multiple layers of kraft paper around a mandrel, which is a cylinder-shaped form. The layers are bonded together using an adhesive, which creates […]

What is kraft paper packaging?

What is kraft paper packaging?
Kraft paper packaging has been widely used in our lives. The advantages of kraft paper are easy to process, affordable, lightweight, and good printing effect. However, all things are two-sided, there are advantages and disadvantages, kraft paper is also the same. The disadvantage of kraft paper packaging is that it is easy to absorb water, compared to other papers, kraft paper is easier to absorb water, especially in humid environments, resulting in wrinkles.
Therefore, when using […]

Characteristics and application range of kraft paper

Kraft paper is a tough and waterproof packaging paper, which is brown in color and widely used in making paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sleeves, folders, and sandpaper, etc. The weight range is from 80gsm to 120gsm, and there are differences between reel paper and flat paper, as well as single-sided gloss, double-sided gloss, and striped patterns. The main quality requirements are flexibility, strength, high tear resistance, and the ability to withstand large tensile and compressive forces without breaking. […]

Understanding the Causes of Color Differences in Packaging Box Printing

Understanding Color Differences in Packaging Box Printing

As a professional technician with over a decade’s experience in the packaging box industry, I am well aware of the color differences that can occur between different batches of box printing. These discrepancies typically arise from five main factors: paper, printing machine, ink, machine operators, and climatic environment. Let me delve into each of these aspects.
Paper Quality and Color: Different batches of paper may exhibit subtle quality and color variations, impacting ink absorption […]